Riding lessons in London have been a part of London's heritage for as long as we can remember.   We are proud to say we have been a part of that for at least 47 years.

Dulwich Riding School was founded in 1961 by Mr James Thomas Bellman, himself an expert horseman and instructor who spent a lifetime with horses and riders. The late Mr Bellman passed on his knowledge and riding school to his daughter Linda Gray the current proprietor.

Jaye the Manageress along with other family members are also part of the Bellman family, Lucy is our Assistant Manager and currently rides and instructs at our London riding school. Ellie and Gemma are our Head Girls and have been with us for seven years and are almost family too, they specialise in nervous and novice riders and are brilliant with building confidence.  OJ also part of the Bellman family is currently our Junior Instructor, BJ is our full time instructor specialising in working with Advanced and Jumping Lessons. Leah is especially good with children and parties.

All senior staff are either holders of British Horse Society, ABRS or NVQ examinations and winners of many shows and events, but have their feet firmly on the ground with excellent customer service skills.


Passion and determination to uphold Dulwich Riding School's reputation and high standards that Mr Bellman attained. Each instructor feels very proud when a client passes an exam, or completes a successful course or just generally leaves the stables feeling a sense of achievement or just having lots of fun.

The ultimate drive is to be part of 20 wonderful horses and ponies' lives, building bonds and being priviledged to do a job that we enjoy. Meeting new people, talking with old friends and generally networking within our industry.


Apart from the senior staff mentioned above, Dulwich Riding School is proud to announce that we are a Keits NVQ Training Centre and have a group of wonderful NVQ students working with us.  Celia Bright has been with us for eleven years and is currently working as our part time Instructor.   Each day of training produces laughs, tears, knowledge and understanding and a good feeling of teamwork throughout the yard.

We also have a group of very special volunteers which Dulwich Riding School could not run without, some of which have been with us for over twenty years.


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